Turkey, the Eclipse & Vienna in 2006

March 29: Eclipse Day!

The Sun & Moon make Magic
at the Gelidonya Lighthouse
& a visit to Chimaera


March 24

March 25
More in Istanbul

March 26
And more of Istanbul

March 27
Istanbul to Antalya
March 28
Antalya to Olympos
March 30
Olympos to Kalkan
March 31
Kalkan to Fethiye

April 1
Fethiye to Pamukkale

April 2
Pamukkale to Kusadasi
April 3
Kusadasi to Istanbul
April 4
April 6
This was the big day and there were no disappointments. After a 2.5K uphill walk from the bus we reached the Gelidonya Lighthouse. It was a stunning location well above the blue Mediterranean! We shared the site with many other eclipse chasers which added to the excitement of the event.
Wilderness Travel had arranged for a terrific lunch cooked under the trees. People set up telescopes and cameras to capture the eclipse. Wispy clouds moved across the sky adding to the suspense.
And then, like clockwork, the moon took a nibble out of the sun and at the moment the astronomers had predicted we saw the diamond ring and then about 4 minutes of totality. Although there were wispy clouds in the way we barely noticed as we looked at bright red prominences and then another diamond ring signalling the end of totality. For me it always a time of awe and joy. We have now seen 6 total solar eclipses and the memories are vivid of all of them.

After returning to the hotel Michael and some others climbed the stairs to Chimaera to see the flames coming out of the rocks. It was an excellent day!

PS To see a short Quick Time movie of the eclipse done by some astronomers click here.