Turkey, the Eclipse & Vienna in 2006

March 27: Istanbul to Antalya

Perge, Aspendos & Antalya


March 24

March 25
More in Istanbul

March 26
And more of Istanbul

March 28
Antalya to Olympos
March 29
March 30
Olympos to Kalkan
March 31
Kalkan to Fethiye

April 1
Fethiye to Pamukkale

April 2
Pamukkale to Kusadasi
April 3
Kusadasi to Istanbul
April 4
April 6
We had a very early breakfast (and another photo shot of the Blue Mosque) and then a flight to Antalya on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean. First we went to the notable Antalya Archeology Museum.
We had a delightful lunch overlooking the Eurymedon River with views of ruins in the distance.
Next we went to the ancient city of Aspendos with its wonderfully preserved Roman theatre. One could almost sense the excitement of a day of wild animal fights or other events.
Then it was on to Perge with its baths, agora, long streets and large gates. In the late afternoon we reached our lovely hotel in the "old town" section of Antalya with its narrow winding streets and views of the harbor.