Turkey, the Eclipse & Vienna in 2006

April 3: Kusadasi to Istanbul

Ephesus, Sirince & the Ephesus Museum


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Before flying back to Istanbul from Izmir we went to Ephesus. This is a well preserved Roman city where all the "big names" walked — St. Paul, Augustus, Marc Anthony, Cleopatra, Julius Ceasar and many more. We began at the site of the Temple of Artemis and then walked down the avenues of this former capital of the western Asia.
We saw remnants of the sewer system and walked among temples, agoras, baths and brothels. Along the streets we could see where carts had left their marks.
It was a wonderful place for observing the work of archeologists who are uncovering and rebuilding columns, statues, sculptures, and arches.
We saw the public toilets and the famous library. There are finely restored marble streets, amphitheaters, and homes.
We certainly ended our tour with "the big one" as ruins go. Then we went to the 19th century Greek village of Sirince for lunch followed by a brief visit to the Ephesus Museum.

Back at the hotel in Istanbul we had our farewell dinner and said goodbye to new friends — great traveling companions. Our heads are full of new information, sites, smells and tastes. We have sampled only a small part of this amazing country and look forward to an opportunity for a return trip!