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October 12 update: Ella (1st grade) and Scott (preschool) are back in school and very happy. Both are playing soccer and Ella is taking Irish dance, chess and voice lessons. Sean goes to a music class for 1-2 year olds once a week. Kevin and Kim are both very busy with jobs and kids.

August 24, 2005

Since the last updates the Baxters have kept up their busy schedule. In March the boys all celebrated their birthdays and Scott quickly learned to ride the 2-wheeler he received for a present (it looks like a chopper!). Sean began to walk and loves throwing balls — and other things. Ella and Scott continue with gymnastics and Ella began taking sewing lessons. Aunts Mary and Katie came to visit and the kids were delighted to take them to Disneyland and California Adventure. Ella and Scott had lots of playdates and really enjoy their many friends. Ella continued to lose teeth and enjoy school and is excited to be moving on to 1st grade. Scott finished his first year of preschool in the Yellow Room and looks forward to September.

Summer has been filled with swimming lessons and sports camps. Sean continues to grow and get more agile and is a tease. The Dick family came to visit and Aunt Mary returned for a few more days. When Michael and I come to visit the kids often have sleepovers and are learning how they can help in the yard.

In July the Baxters headed out on a "California Vacation". As you will see they visited friends and played tourists. They found parks and other areas for play and learned about Monterey Bay wildlife as well as took in the incredible scenery. They even managed to make time for an amusement park. From all reports it was a great trip.

This was followed in August with a trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains with my side of the family for a remembrance of the many wonderful years we spent near Lake Dingleberry with family and friends. The Baxters (Sean actually hitched a ride on Kevin's back) hiked to the campsite and back in one day (13 miles with a 1500 foot altitude gain). We all continue to be amazed!! The Baxters were able to make a week long trip out of this and took in much of what the area has to offer.

Now they are all getting ready to head back to school and none too soon for Scott. Every night at dinner when asked what he is grateful for that day he says "for the Green Room where I'll be in school next year". Kevin is of course already back working on the usual back-to-school projects as well as overseeing the major construction that is taking place on the American Martyrs campus. He is very glad to be assisted by a vice principal this year.

Kim is keeping everyone on track, fed, clothed, exercised, entertained, and very happy.


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